Corporate data management
Corporate data management

Dexero is your partner to optimize the way you manage and use your corporate data.

Business<br> intelligence

Optimize your production and management by using digital tools that are tailored to your needs. Interpret, analyze and use your data effectively.

Business process management
Business process management

Automating tasks means being able to focus your energy where your company really needs it. Consider digital transformation.

Our solutions

Online <br>applications

Choose solutions that are ready
for quick, efficient use.

Development <br>platforms

Custom software and platforms
to meet your needs.



We believe in making our solutions easy to use so they’re adopted by employees and managers alike. Refined design and well-conceived ergonomics: simplicity is at the heart of what we offer.


Our solutions are as good as they are easy to implement and use. Fast implementation, simplified execution: because your time is too valuable to waste.


Dexero products are flexible and constantly evolve to work with your company’s technologies. Modular solutions so you only pay for what you use.


Investing in IT with Dexero’s solutions means making your investments more profitable. Our expertise in open-source software lets us develop effective, affordable solutions.

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23 October 2019
Online transactions, securely dealing

Whether you buy from sites like Amazon or Ebay, or from manufacturers like Adidas or Nike, your transactions must be done safely. But what about when these transactions are made by an organization that does not have the transactional vocation? Are the same security settings need to be respected? The answer is yes. First of […]

14 June 2019
Automating business processes to improve productivity

Do you remember the Clapper, that sound-activated electric switch that let you turn your beside lamp on and off with a clap? For 1996, it was revolutionary and it made our lives easier. After all, who wants to waste time turning on a lamp? It is quite as automating business processes in your own company. […]

12 June 2019
The challenge of centralizing company data

In our last post, we talked about the positive impact of automating business processes and how technology can help productivity. Now, let’s see how centralizing company data is a real challenge. Take the example of a mechanic whose tools are scattered all over their garage. If they need to spend two, three, four or even […]

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