Platform that lets you develop next-generation online purchasing applications

Our eCommerce module is used by more than 50 retailers as a complement to their websites to manage credit card sales. With more than 25 million dollars processed since launch, Dexero is a pioneer on the Canadian market. Our multi-user platform meets the strictest IT security standards. Dexero is also an expert in integrating with many payment servers, like Paysafe, Moneris, TD, PayPal and more.

Why choose Dexero eCommerce?


Flexible rates let you save money on fees and increase your profit


Start selling products and services online in just a few hours


Complies with all taxation laws
Complies with all of Quebec’s tax regulations


Dexero eCommerce is added to your website with a simple link or a specialized online service. Purchases are made in a secure external environment, where buyers go through five steps: cart, questions, summary, payment and receipt.

Secure site
  • Validation system that controls purchase limits and rights
  • Secure SSL payment process
  • Complies with PCI DSS security standards
  • Compatibility with main Canadian payment processors:
  • Desjardins, Moneris and PayPal
  • Bank reconciliation report
  • Highly secure, professional hosting
Easy integration
  • No software to install
  • Simple, intuitive web interface
  • Easy integration on your website through a simple “Add to cart” button
  • Complete online purchase solution
  • Automatic calculation of Canada Post shipping costs
  • Search tool
  • Data exportation
Advanced features
  • Product grouping (parent/child) and inherited properties
  • Integration of a product catalogue onto a website through online services (SOAP and REST)
Customizable platform
  • Can be tailored to sell all types of products and services
  • Advanced digital promotion system
  • Full management of tax rules
  • Customized product features
  • Customizable shipping fee grid
  • Unlimited number of categories and subcategories
  • Advanced forms
Simplified communication
  • Bilingual catalogue (French and English)
  • Footnotes
  • Confirmation message before payment
  • Order confirmation email
  • Digital ticket with unique barcode for event registration
  • Receipts for charitable donations


System requirements

Dexero eCommerce is hosted in the cloud by Dexero. No need to install anything on your own server. The only requirement is an updated browser to take full advantage of the admin tools.


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later
  • Safari 4 or later
  • Google Chrome 4 or later