12 June 2019
The challenge of centralizing company data

In our last post, we talked about the positive impact of automating business processes and how technology can help productivity. Now, let’s see how centralizing company data is a real challenge.

Take the example of a mechanic whose tools are scattered all over their garage. If they need to spend two, three, four or even five minutes looking for a tool every time they need it, repairs will take them much longer than if they had a toolbox that kept all of their tools within easy reach.

The same principle applies to company data. With human resources management, project task management, procurement management and more, it’s becoming harder and harder to consolidate everything. Centralizing makes data interpretation easier.

Data management as a decision-making tool

Data integrity is paramount in a company. Why? Accurate and precise data allows us to make better decisions, such as investing in a specific department or cutting expenses in a section that generates less income than expenses.

Managers have a real need for this data to guide their strategic, tactical, reactive and predictive decisions, which are crucial to maintaining their department’s profitability and productivity.


Some jobs require specific tools. Sometimes, you need a drill instead of a screwdriver to accomplish a task. The same is true of digital tools. However, in some situations, a good old Swiss army knife can let you accomplish a multitude of tasks with only one tool in your pocket.

If multiple applications are needed, it’s crucial that they be able to interact through APIs so that data is transferred smoothly. Also, make sure that the APIs can provide you with all the data you need for your reports and analyses, especially since these APIs can be applied to different types of databases or applications.


There are many benefits to centralizing your data:
● Ensuring data integrity;
● Easing access to data;
● Simplifying data interpretation and better understanding your market;
● Improving transparency within the company (accountability),
● Securing company data.

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