Say yes to healthy, effective project management!

Dexero Forms and Data comes with an integrated BPM solution, helping you save time and money when managing your company’s projects. Make each project a success by staying on top of task and subtask assignments
and easily monitoring the project’s progress.

Configure your <BR>business process
Configure your
business process

No more jobs slipping between the cracks! By clearly defining the steps in your processes, you can automatically create tasks that follow the set sequence.

Automate <BR>emails

No need to worry about forgetting to communicate. Dexero FD can send automatic emails at each step in the process.

Automatic <BR>reminders

By setting reminders, you can prioritize tasks with upcoming due dates.

Automatic <BR>task assignment
task assignment

Save time by automatically assigning a task to a person or group based on task type.

Creation of tasks <BR>and subtasks
Creation of tasks
and subtasks

Sometimes, assigning tasks is easy: one task takes one person. That’s not always the case, though. Some tasks require multiple people at different levels. Easily create tasks and subtasks and assign them to different members of your team.

Prioritization <BR>and deadlines
and deadlines

When you’re overwhelmed, one of the hardest things to do is prioritizing tasks. Make sure that all of your team members know exactly which tasks to do first and when they need to be done.

Progress<BR> indicators

See where your team is at any time and quickly track the progress of your projects.

Interoperability with other Dexero solutions
Interoperability with other Dexero solutions

All of our solutions integrate with each other so you can finally centralize your data and company activities on a single platform.

Dexero Forms and Data

Dexero Forms and Data is the ideal solution for managing your company’s tasks and jobs.

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