We all have questions. Here are some of the ones we’re asked the most often.

What are the limits of Dexero Forms and Data?

The limits vary depending on the plan you’re on. This will define storage space, the number of administrator accounts and the number of forms, questions or answers in those forms. The Web Service also has limits for the number of requests per hour.

Can I connect external applications to Dexero products?

Thanks to Dexero’s API, you have access to its resources (data) through URI paths. To use the REST API, your application will make an HTTP request, then decode the response. The default response format is XML. If desired, you can request JSON instead of XML. For more details, visit our api page.

How can I calculate the monthly cost of a Dexero application?

The cost varies depending on our clients’ projects. First, there is a startup fee that includes licensing, administration and configuration fees. Next, depending on the options chosen, there are fees for cloud storage (if applicable) and technical support (if needed). Contact us to learn more.

Does Dexero offer in-house training?

Yes, we offer courses on all of our products. Whether you’re looking to implement a solution or train groups of users, we help you make the most of your Dexero products.

Do you use cloud storage or clients’ servers?

Both! Some of our clients prefer to store data locally, while others don’t want that responsibility. It’s up to you.

What are the costs associated with the eCommerce application?

First, there are startup fees, which include configuring your catalogue to create the best buying experience for your customers. We also train you on administrative tools to help you take full advantage of the application’s features.

Finally, you will need to purchase an orders package. This package will be associated with your Dexero eCommerce merchant account. Next, each order completed by a customer will be debited from your package.

Can Dexero eCommerce be used for orders without immediate credit card payment?

Yes. You can use the “invoicing” payment mode to allow clients to complete their orders without making a payment. The client will see a balance owing at the bottom of their receipt.

How much time is needed to implement a Dexero solution?

It all depends on the needs we’re meeting. Generally, projects require between two weeks and six months to deliver. Naturally, when developing a custom application, it involves evaluating, developing, testing and installing that application. Training also takes time. Contact us to learn more.

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