Paper-based systems are old news!

As you’re well aware, administration isn’t a one-person job. Sometimes you need a helping hand. Are your invoicing, client accounts, accounts payable and receivable and procurement requests piling up on your desk? Do you keep your employee or supplier lists in an old, dusty Rolodex? Dexero can help make your desk a little bit neater.


Proactively manage your invoicing and always stay up to date by keeping your invoices in one place.

Management of accounts payable and receivable

Our administrative module has a feature that lets you know which suppliers need to be paid and when.

Procurement request management

Centralize procurement requests, notify the approver and process requests easily using a request and approval portal that is customized to meet your needs.

Centralize company documents

Organizing information and documents is a daily hassle for companies. When you upload a file to your Dexero platform, you can add tags, descriptions and other relevant information so it can be found easily. Every minute counts and we know it!

Digitized company directory

Forget your old Rolodex. Let Excel do what it does best instead! With this feature, you can allow your employees to update their information and keep a directory of suppliers that is accessible to everyone.

Dexero Forms and Data

Our Dexero Forms and Data platform lets you perform administrative tasks in record time. It’s easy to install and use, too!

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