Security and Control

Access Rights

Advanced buyer's eligibilty control, and per user quantity restrictions

Based on a merchant provided whitelist, control buyers eligibilty and define per user/order quantity restrictions.

SSL secured payment process

SSL payment processing and 3D secure Data transmitted between the browser Dexero eCommerce is encrypted using a 256-bit key.

PCI Security Standard

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant

Our servers are audited by Qualys to garanty compliance with PCI DSS.

Compatible with majors’ payment processors

Dexero eCommerce is ready compatible with most payment processors (Desjardins 3D secure, Moneris, TD and PayPal).

Payment Processors
Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation Report

Allows you to compare your daily income with your monthly bank statement and perform a bank reconciliation.

Professional and secure hosting facilities

Our data center offers comprehensive network protection (firewalls, IDS, DDoS protection) and on site security (biometric scanners, security cameras).

Secure Hosting

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