A simple, fast and safe way
to handle online registrations

By creating an event in Dexero eCommerce, a dedicated landing page is automatically created in your product catalog giving you an instant presence on the Web.

Your event's landing page can display the following information:

  • Logo and event description
  • Event location
  • Available registration type
  • Complementary product display
  • Donation
  • List of registered participants
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter sharing
  • Customizable template

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Dexero eCommerce also allows you to:

  • Control the quantity of available seats
  • Verify buyer's eligibility
  • Build custom-tailored forms
  • Offer multiple payment options
  • Generate e-tickets with barcode
  • Manage event check-ins with our mobile scanner application
  • Create name tags and list of participants

Does Dexero eCommerce meet your needs?

Dexero set up a simple and rapid method that allows you, without charge or obligation on your part, to obtain a preliminary analysis of service and configuration of a prototype.

Here's the steps of the process to get you started with your event :


Preliminary analysis

You complete a preliminary analysis form by describing your needs.


Configuration of a prototype

Dexero configures a prototype of your event and sends a preliminary quote.


Online demonstration

You try the online demonstration of the prototype.

If you find the result interesting and like our offer,
we continue with the next steps.


Detailed analysis

You send us your comments so we can complete the analysis, adjust our offer and make a final submission.


Contract signature

We make things official.


Implementation of the complete solution

Dexero completes the required adjustments, the creation of reports or other items to customize.



Your event's page is deployed on a production instance and is ready to use.


Training and support

Training by telephone or teleconference is given so you can fully benefit from your new solution.


Contact us today or fill
the preliminary analysis form right now.

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